Symbolas - The most beautiful way to believe in something

Symbolas - Die schönste Art an etwas zu glauben

Lucky charms, rituals and mantras

Which of you has a lucky charm? Most probably, because a lucky charm can be pretty much anything: the famous lucky cent, a dried four-leaf clover, a pendant with a name on it, a stone, ... Even things that are worthless in monetary terms can suddenly become something very special thanks to their symbolism and will be of inestimable value to whoever they belong to. Symbols strengthen the power of thought and are a wonderful way to believe in something.
We also find many of these little lucky charms in equestrian sport: Be it the engraved plaques on the bridle, small stuffed animals on the saddle, or simply the lucky socks for the tournament - almost everyone has their "superstition", their ritual, a mantra that they repeat to themselves, or just a small object that is supposed to bring good luck. These objects help us to recharge and collect ourselves internally, give us courage, stay calm and thus support us in mastering particularly challenging situations.

What is Symbolas?

Symbolas are very special bracelets and a beautiful way to believe in something. Each of the bands tells its own story and each stone is carefully selected and combined in such a way that the band combines symbolism, energy and design in a unique way.
Symbols also find their way into modern communication and motivational psychology. There, symbols are referred to as “anchors” that help formulate and achieve wishes and goals.
Each piece in the Symbolas collection is handmade from high-quality gemstones and zirconia rondelles, making it a valuable unique piece. It is as individual as its wearer and combines everything you want in life, be it happiness or health, success or wealth. These bracelets represent a very personal dream that needs to be brought to life. Each of the bracelets is a talisman that unfolds its positive energy as a constant companion. They are valuable pieces of jewelry that contain strong values.
The gemstones used are combined thematically according to their meaning and used as symbols of happiness, success, love, courage, confidence, belonging and other values. The Symbolas jewelry collection strengthens thoughts and thus releases energies.

Who is behind Symbolas?

The creator of Symbolas, mental trainer Karin Küpper, has studied symbolism from a wide variety of cultures in depth. She has ridden successfully in dressage up to S level and has always been committed to horse-friendly and fair treatment. She was particularly influenced by her beloved horse “Wimperk”, with whom she was able to build a very special relationship of trust. The big fox had not had good experiences with people before, but with a lot of positive reinforcement and calm, he became a reliable ribbon guarantor and a relaxed partner in every situation. He laid the foundation for dealing with mental training and contributed a large part to the creation of Symbolas. Karin Küpper has specialized in coaching and stress management for two-legged friends for over ten years and also designs her unique Symbolas collections.

The collections

It is not without reason that she chose valuable gemstones for her collections, because in addition to their visual appeal and monetary value, they also have a variety of properties said in literature that characterize the gemstone in question and also have a symbolic effect for their wearer or owner.

The Asian collection

The first of Karin Küpper's collections is inspired by one of the oldest mythologies in the world: the Asian one. This culture has always played a major role in humanity's beliefs. Whether Chinese horoscopes, Shiatsu, Feng Shui, or Qigong, traditional Asian culture has long since found its way into our modern world. With a jewelry collection, Symbolas has created the symbiosis between culture, faith and trust in your own willpower. The bracelets in the collection tell of happiness, strength, success, harmony and protection. The respective bracelet represents these properties, but also the gemstones it contains with their special meaning and wants to give faith and confidence in the symbolic properties.
The very first bracelet created “Happiness - Buddha’s Legacy” combines the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac signs. Each gemstone symbolizes one of the animals with their typical characteristic properties and the effect inherent to the gemstones. It is said to give happiness and strength and remind us that positive thoughts are followed by positive energies.
Here we can once again build a bridge to equestrian sports and our horses. Mental training doesn't just start in elite sport - many riders have already realized that good mental and physical preparation improves daily training. "Ride to your joy" is Ingrid Klimke's motto and succinctly summarizes what we should reflect on every day: the joy of our wonderful animals and always treating them positively. Positive thoughts during training or before an exam situation make it easier to succeed.
And isn't it a very nice thought that a bracelet, which was created precisely as such a mental support, can support us and remind us of this?

The Icelandic Collection

This collection is dedicated to the original, wild Iceland. The island of fire and ice, where opposites harmonize so wonderfully.
In the Icelandic collection, the "ISIs" bracelet refers specifically to the small, tough horses of Iceland, which captivate people all over the world with their friendly and balanced character. The colors of the “Isi's” are very diverse. They range between white, brown, chestnut and black - and all shades in between - just like the bracelet of the same name. The character traits of the Icelandic horses are reflected in the bracelet and should also become their own through the gemstones used.

The world of smells - "it's me" - a very special bracelet

Smells evoke the strongest memories in us and also the most emotionally intense. A familiar scent can suddenly revive all the feelings we once associated with it. Scents can also be stimulating, calming or relaxing.
The "It's me" scent bracelet is a subtle way to surround yourself with pleasant scents. Lava beads serve as aroma carriers for scented oils and perfumes, as lava is slightly porous and therefore stores the scents for a long time and only releases them slowly. Together with the power stone hematite, it serves as an aroma carrier on which essential oils and scents can be combined depending on your mood.

Coming soon ...

Another collection is currently in the making: the Nordic collection. It will be inspired by the mysterious Nordic mythology, a world full of power and closeness to nature.

“A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.”
Marcus Aurelius

Whether in everyday life or in the riding stable: our thoughts determine our actions, our charisma and therefore our lives. Symbolas bracelets are a gift to yourself or a loved one. A gift that contains a message and a good wish.
Beautiful real gemstones combined with a good wish - is there a more beautiful way to make wishes come true?

You can discover these powerful pieces of jewelry here in our shop.

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