ecogold - The game changer among saddle pads

ecogold - Der Gamechanger unter den Sattelpads

"The saddle pad is what connects rider and horse and allows them to become one" Patricia Da Silva

To take up the quote from ecogold owner Patricia Da Silva: A saddle pad is now so much more than just a layer that protects the saddle leather from dirt and sweat. It's an it-piece, an eye-catcher, a shock absorber... for some it's the epitome of their shopping dreams, for others it's simply practical. However, a good saddle pad should always be sweat-absorbing and breathable, anatomically shaped (especially at the withers) and as light as possible.
All of these criteria and much more are combined in ecogold ’s products.

Who is behind ecocold?

Thirty years ago, a gifted rider set out on a mission to modernize saddle pads and thereby improve the safety, comfort and performance of horses.
Ecogold was founded by John Da Silva, a European-trained textile engineer. He has worked with high-tech fabrics since the early 1960s and is credited with developing the now popular cross-country saddle pad shape, which reduces the surface area on the horse to keep eventing horses cooler.
Now run by John's daughter Patricia Da Silva (also previously successful in eventing), Ecogold remains committed to always putting the horse's welfare first and developing innovative new saddle pad designs with ethical and sustainable measures. For example, the Flip Half Pad Matte – which debuted in 2020 – is the first pad of its kind to be vegan and ethically made.
The Ecogold factory is located in the Côte-des-Neiges district of Montreal, one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in Canada. Ecogold is a proud part of this diversity and draws inspiration from it and in turn releases this inspiration in their ethos. Montreal has a rich history of textile and clothing manufacturing dating back to the late 1800s, and ecogold strives to continue this legacy today.
Ecogold stands behind each of the saddle pads, designed to put your horse's comfort first. Every buyer receives a 30-day happiness guarantee to test risk-free. Olympians like Boyd Martin, Mclain Ward, Jacqueline Brooks and Jessica Phoenix rely on these pads for every ride.

What makes ecogold so unique?

The ecogold saddle pads and pads are all made from special high-tech textiles and have a honeycomb structure. This structure makes the saddle pads extremely light and moisture-wicking. They are available in countless colors and shapes for dressage, jumping and eventing as well as for western.
Fair working conditions and pay are extremely important to this company. All products are made and sewn by hand in the family tailor shop. You'll notice that when you take a closer look at these pads: the best materials and high-quality workmanship. The raw materials are also sourced as climate-neutrally as possible and all resources are used responsibly to keep the CO2 footprint as low as possible. The company is also committed to animal welfare and only uses vegan raw materials.

What pads and saddle pads are there?

There are four different versions, all of which are anatomically cut, hypoallergenic, non-slip, breathable, machine washable and particularly lightweight.

Variant 1: SECURE

This variant is the thinnest. It is characterized by its extremely good adhesion to the horse's back and saddle and is lightly padded in the back area. This saddle pad has been proven to not slip an inch even under the highest demands and its materials keep the horse dry and comfortable. The thin texture also gives you particularly close contact with the horse's body.

Variant 2: COOLFIT

The intelligent CoolFit™ material detects the horse's sweat and reacts to it by lowering its temperature and quickly evaporating moisture. At the same time, the back area is softly padded, so no additional pad is required. With the removable and replaceable shims, this saddle pad can also be used as a correction pad and compensate for the smallest changes in pressure. The shock-absorbing effect paired with the lightness and air circulation make this saddle pad particularly popular with eventing riders.

Variant 3: CALMATECH

Gentle and soothing relief for particularly sensitive horse backs: this is what distinguishes the Calmatech version. This is a great solution for performance horses with sensitive skin and saddle position issues. The medical-grade fleece reduces friction and pressure at all contact points, improves air circulation and wicks moisture away from the skin to relieve discomfort and prevent sores. This variant can also be adjusted with the shims and thus expanded as a correction pad or for even greater shock reduction.

The half pads

These pads are available in dressage or jumping form. It offers excellent shock absorption and can be used on both sides. The vegan leather side is available in black, navy, havana, mocha, white or champagne. If you turn the pad over, the second side can be selected in black or white. There are also inserts (shims) for this that you can use to make corrections. It is also completely non-slip, hypoallergenic and lightweight.

New: the matching fly ears

Matching fly hoods are now also available to coordinate the set perfectly. They have light hearing protection, are breathable and moisture-absorbing.

Who is ecogold suitable for?

ecogold is a brand for real horse people and riders - straightforward and functional

These saddle pads and pads from ecogold are suitable for anyone who wants to consciously choose a horse-friendly and ethically manufactured product. Under no circumstances is ecogold “zero-eight-fifty” nor is it a mass-produced product. It's not fancy or bling-bling, but straight-lined, high-quality and absolutely functional.
It's not for nothing that customers call these saddle pads a "game changer" in the saddle pad world, because the horses show a significant improvement under these saddle pads and anyone who has had one won't want another one. Due to their absolute longevity, they are worth every cent and keep what they promise.

You can find the saddle pads and pads here in our shop. If you have specific color requests, please send us a message.

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