Product test: Shivers - the new horse massager

Produkttest: Shivers - das neue Pferdemassagegerät
We at 4Hooves love discovering new products and brands from the world of equestrian sports and testing them for you. This time we were able to put Shivers through their paces.
Maybe some of you have already heard of Shivers. Shivers is a young brand from Finland and offers a hand massager for horses. Which rider or horse owner isn't happy when the horse makes a gourmet pout while being groomed?! So, a little bit of background information about Shivers before we present you the results of our product test.

What is Shivers?

The device looks a bit like a normal brush and can be used like that thanks to the hand strap. Vibration motors are built into the brush, which use vibration technology to treat, massage and relax the horse's muscles. A massage basically serves to relax the horse and is a natural method of relieving tension and the resulting pain. Additionally, post-exercise recovery can be reduced by massage and has the greatest effect after a few massage cycles. Massages can also have a positive influence on metabolism, skin function, lymphatic flow, blood circulation, the nervous system and even the internal organs (through reflexes).
So far so good. Almost all of us have probably enjoyed a massage at least once. But how do our horses react to a massage with Shivers? Below is our feedback:

4Hooves tests Shivers

The device comes in a small case and includes the hand massager, various attachments, a waist strap and a charging cable for charging. Shivers was ready for use after a short time. The device can be switched on and the program selected on the side. There are a total of three different programs that differ in the type of vibration.
[caption id="attachment_108492" align="alignnone" width="300"] Shivers massager for horses Source: Shivers[/caption]

Shivers in use

The vibration is clearly audible and initially unusual and somewhat uncomfortable for our horses. Shivers is easy to use and the initial tension caused by the noise quickly disappears. Thanks to the massage instructions, we were able to orientate ourselves easily and massage in the “right” direction.
[caption id="attachment_131201" align="alignnone" width="530"] Muscles and massage directions in horses Source: Shivers[/caption]
The massage was significantly more pleasant than a massage with the hand or a massage curry comb. In addition to manual massage with a handheld device, the handheld device can also be attached to the withers with a waist belt and used for the massage.
Our test horses clearly enjoyed the massage. Even when riding, it was clearly noticeable that the muscles were looser from the start.

Conclusion of our product test

Shivers makes a good impression, has an attractive design and, at EUR 289, is a significantly cheaper option than larger massage devices, which quickly cost several thousand euros and are beyond the scope of scope for private use. The massage was easy to carry out even without prior knowledge and the horses clearly benefited from it. We find the quite loud noise of the vibration a bit annoying and perhaps counterproductive for sensitive horses. Some horses reacted a bit fearfully and it took some time for them to get used to the noise. After getting used to it, the tension eased and the horses began to relax. Horses that had no problem with the noise immediately relaxed, chewed and yawned. Some of our test horses became downright sleepy.
[caption id="attachment_131203" align="alignnone" width="530"] Shivers application on horses Source: Shivers[/caption]
In addition to being used by horse owners (you really can't go wrong), Shivers is also suitable for therapists who treat several horses every day. This should make the work a little easier and your hands won't tire so quickly.
We would therefore recommend Shivers to anyone who either wants to do something good for their horse, is working towards a sporting goal or has made treating horses their profession.

We still have a little candy for you! We are giving away another device to a lucky person in our community. You can find all the details on our Facebook page . The deadline for participation is October 28, 2020.
If you don't want to wait for your lucky fairy, you can go to the brand shop on 4Hooves here.

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