Purina Horse – a revolution in horse feed

Purina Horse – eine Revolution im Pferdefutter
Many will have come into contact with the Purina logo, consciously or unconsciously. The food for dogs and cats can be found in almost every supermarket and is a Nestle brand. What is little known, however, is the fact that there is also a high-quality horse feed that goes under the Purina brand. Unlike dog and cat food, the horse feed division belongs to an Italian agricultural group and has no connection to Nestle. In this blog post we present what the revolutionary horse feed from Purina is all about.

The beginnings of Purina Horse horse feed

As early as 1894, the young William H. Danforth recognized how important animals, especially horses and mules, were in transporting materials during the reconstruction of America after the Civil War. So he began to develop a particularly high-quality food that was tailored precisely to these needs. The brand name Purina®, which is still used today, was created based on the principle of purity and integrity. The logo of a red and white chessboard also supports this approach. It symbolizes the perfect balance between purity and quality, as well as individuality and teamwork, which are each represented by the two colors. The small company from St. Louis, Missouri became a global company that has also been present in Europe since 1961. Since its beginnings over 100 years ago, Purina® has become synonymous with pet food and a guarantee of innovation, research, food quality and customer service.

What is the Purina philosophy?

A horse must be optimally cared for in order to be able to give its best in daily training as well as in competition. This includes physical and mental health. Purina® has focused research for years on producing a complete, balanced and digestible feed that provides the horse with all the nutrients it needs. Research is concerned with the question of which components of the ingredients have a positive effect on health and how they can be used specifically in horse feeding.

What are functional nutrients?

The majority of functional nutrients are plant-based and are obtained from fruits, vegetables, grains and other plants. The individual functions continue to be researched, but these nutrients have a positive influence on preventing tissue damage, strengthening the immune system, regulating digestion and supporting physical and mental well-being. Purina® takes this approach into the composition of the food and puts together a recipe with the best ingredients that, on the one hand, goes beyond the recommended needs and, on the other hand, places great importance on the functional nutrients. This creates the basis for the horse to feel completely comfortable and to be able to perform.

Which nutrients are functional nutrients?

Vegetable oils and fats (linseed oil, rich in Omega 3 and 6): Vegetable oils belong to the vegetable fat family. They are considered an energy source in which no lactic acid is formed in the muscles during energy production and so the energy is supplied over the long term. In addition, the oil provides many Kcal in reduced quantities and is therefore easy to absorb through feed without affecting the horse's daily ration. Omega 3 can have an active effect on joint health and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Omega 6 can have a positive effect on the immune system and protect the cardiovascular system. However, they can also increase inflammation unless they are well balanced with omega-3 fatty acids. Oils from linseeds are the most bioavailable for horses. They contain the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are in an ideal ratio to one another. In addition to linseed and camelina oil, hemp oil, black cumin oil and milk thistle oil are used in horse feeding. Essential amino acids (lysine, methionine, threonine): The horse is unable to independently synthesize the amino acids required for body health and athletic performance. This is why they are called “essential amino acids.” In horses, the first limiting essential amino acids are lysine, methionine and threonine. If these are not sufficiently available, the horse cannot ensure hair and hoof growth or the formation of muscle mass. Accordingly, the horse must be provided with these essential amino acids in the daily ration. Especially lysine and methionine, as these two amino acids affect the absorption of the other amino acids. Regardless of how the horses are used, a supply of amino acids is required. In the field of breeding, amino acids ensure tissue growth, correct fetal development and correct growth of foals. It also supports milk production and helps maintain muscle mass, even in older or resting horses. Athletic performance, endurance and physical condition are all factors that can be influenced by amino acid intake. Amino acids are necessary for cell turnover (reconstitution of muscle tissue under intense exertion). An adequate supply of proteins and amino acids of high biological value allows the horse to reduce the risk of dehydration and optimize energy metabolism. Trace elements (Zn, Cu, Mn): An optimal supply of micro and macro elements (including chelated minerals) is essential for the formation and repair of tissue structure. In order to meet the horse's daily mineral requirements, extreme care must be taken when formulating the nutrients. It is important to find the right balance because a deficiency or excess of one of the minerals can cause the imbalance of another related mineral. Purina provides the horse with the minerals it needs every day, depending on its use. The use of "organic trace elements" (or chelated minerals) allows optimal absorption of the most valuable minerals, as they are more bioavailable than non-organic minerals. The "organic trace elements" are more easily absorbed by the body because they are bound to an easily absorbed amino acid. Better absorption means perfect feed formulation and a reduction in unused minerals that are then excreted. The benefits of nutrient-balanced "organic trace elements" include improvement of the hair coat (increase and maintain pigmentation), positive effects on bones and joints (important for the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate, maintenance and repair of joint tissue), and the immune system (antioxidant activity for Removal of free radicals and protection of cell membranes). In addition, an increase in reproductive function in relation to the development of the fetal skeleton can be achieved. Pre- and probiotics (live yeasts, FOS-MOS-GOS): Probiotics are microorganisms that help balance the intestinal flora, promote digestion and absorb nutrients. Purina uses Purina Yeast, a complex of selected "good bacteria", with the aim of inhibiting the populations of "negative bacteria", thus helping to stabilize a correct population of microorganisms that guarantees the horse a correct, optimal and easy digestion of nutrients . They also serve to maintain the well-being of the gastrointestinal tract. The probiotics contained in the horse's feed inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria by eliminating competition: the microorganisms then settle on the intestinal walls and exclude negative bacteria. Positive microorganisms increase the surface area of ​​the intestinal villi, increase the activity of digestive enzymes and stimulate the immune system. Thanks to the exclusion of competition, it is possible to reduce the infestation with pathogenic bacteria such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Clostridia and to increase intestinal well-being. Prebiotics are substances that, when added to food, stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms present in the gastrointestinal tract. There are several groups of complex polysaccharides (fruit galacto-mannan saccharides) that resist digestive enzymes and can enter directly into the colonies of intestinal bacteria, nourish and multiply them. The benefits of prebiotics include controlling pH, stimulating immunoglobulins in breast milk, and reducing bacterial adhesion (pathogenic bacteria) to the intestinal villi. They can also prevent the absorption of mycotoxins. Together, prebiotics and probiotics support the digestive process and allow the digestive system to more effectively absorb the nutrients provided by food.

Factory Cooked® - progress in horse feeding

Factory Cooked® refers to a new and exclusive technological process for the treatment of raw materials that maximizes the bioavailability of nutrients and improves their activities. This means: The high degree of gelatinization of starches, resulting from the breaking of the structural bonds, allows a perfect destruction of them at the precephalic level, eliminating a risk factor for dysmicrobial diseases of the colon. The greater amount of starch absorbed consequently increases the energy density of the ration. A large amount of fibrous components (fiber) is provided, which has a positive effect on the breakdown and intestinal motility. The ability to formulate nutrients with low levels of pectin allows for better protection of the digestive system from intestinal disorders. In addition to the simple protein parameter, the balance of amino acids in the feed can also be controlled. The effect is therefore to maximize protein metabolism by minimizing nitrogen output in the kidney. This has a positive effect on nitrogen metabolism and the synthesis of proteins in tissue, especially in muscle. The heat treatment of the raw materials ensures a kind of disinfection of the final product and increases the well-being of the animal. Nutrients subjected to Factory Cooked® treatment therefore have a higher impact on health status than any other product on the market. The special porous structure allows a high level of attack by digestive enzymes, further increasing the digestibility of the product.

Excerpt from the food range

Purina Horse Rider : for adult horses with normal to prolonged energy needs Rider is a real all-round product and is made in the form of a triplet using Factory Cooked® technology. It contains various energy components, a high integration of minerals and vitamins, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Purina Rider can provide longer muscle energy over time, prevent electrolyte loss and prevent lactic acid buildup. The food offers high digestibility, high palatability and is easy to dose due to the shape of the triplet. [caption id="attachment_108211" align="alignnone" width="500"] Purina Horse Rider Purina Horse Rider | Source: 4Hooves[/caption] Purina Horse Breeder : for pregnant and lactating mares, as well as foals during weaning and growth Breeder is successfully used in breeding and is produced in the form of a triplet using Factory Cooked® technology. It is specially designed to meet the needs of breeding mares and foals and represents a complete and balanced feed. It contains, among other things, high-quality amino acids, ensures high digestibility and reduces the amount of feed additives required for mares and foals. The mare's milk production is maximized and the foal's growth is ideally supported [caption id="attachment_108208" align="alignnone" width="500"]Purina Horse Breeders Purina Horse Breeder | Source: 4Hooves[/caption] Purina Horse Integri-T : for sensitive horses that require low-sugar and high-fiber feeding Horse Integri-T offers energy with maximum digestibility thanks to Factory Cooked® technology and special Purina® formulation. Wellness and safety without molasses, corn, oats, barley. The food contains ingredients with easily digestible fiber, a specially formulated blend of B vitamins and biotin, balanced essential amino acids and a unique complex of prebiotics. It is rich in high-quality energy sources, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. The feed is formulated to contain up to 10% non-structural carbohydrates (NSC). This makes it also suitable for horses that are prone to problems that can arise from starch and sugar intake, such as laminitis. It is also suitable for spirited horses and sport horses and optimizes the digestibility of nutrients and fiber and ensures optimal use of energy and protein. It also provides the energy needed to quickly restore optimal physical condition and increases muscle tone. The feed enables optimal digestibility and assimilability of nutrients and helps to keep the gastrointestinal pH value stable. It helps keep the digestive system healthy and increases the horse's well-being and vitality. The ingredients promote neurological health, learning and the constitution of blood components with a low glycemic index. In addition, the food supports immune functions, hoof, joint and coat health and has anti-inflammatory properties. [caption id="attachment_108209" align="alignnone" width="500"] Purina Horse Integri-T Purina Horse Integri-T | Source: 4Hooves[/caption] Purina Horse Athlete : for adult horses with increased energy needs Athlete provides a high energy feed with high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, supporting the body during times of increased stress and performance demands. The food can be added to regular crib food if necessary. The nuggets are made using the exclusive Factory Cooked® technology and contain high-quality amino acids. Thanks to its non-acid-forming energy supply, Purina Athlete is ideal for building muscle and restoring physical fitness. In addition, the cardiovascular system is protected and the general appearance is improved. [caption id="attachment_108207" align="alignnone" width="500"]Purina Horse Athlete Purina Horse Athlete | Source: 4Hooves[/caption] Purina Horse Mash : The thank you as a delicious and warm meal. Even ancient equestrian traditions wanted to offer your horse a soothing and warm meal at least once a week as a thank you. To this day, mash is very popular in feeding troughs as a pre-cooked, dehydrated porridge. Purina Horse Mash is a ready-made, pre-cooked mix that is easy to use. This means that numerous raw materials do not have to be mixed and hot water can be added directly. The mash has excellent hygroscopicity and is light, digestible and rich in linseed. It consists of a freeze-dried grain mixture and the Purina multivitamin complex Horse PLUS. Purina Horse Mash is a warm meal that is ready immediately and is particularly popular in stressful situations, with horses prone to colic and in convalescence. [caption id="attachment_108210" align="alignnone" width="500"] Purina Horse Mash Purina Horse Mash | Source: 4Hooves[/caption] The Purina range is now available exclusively in Germany via 4Hooves with free shipping. If you have any questions about the products, the 4Hooves team will be happy to help.

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